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Refactory Anchors

 Spiral Y-Anchors:

We are specialized in manufacturing superior quality Spiral Y-Anchors, these are widely used in various industrial applications.

  • 215 X 145 X 5 MM
  • 190 X 45 X 5 MM
  • 185 X 105 X 5 MM
  • 175 X 30 X 5 MM
  • 155 X 70 X 5 MM
  • 90 X 30 X 5 MM
  • 80 X 30 X 5 MM

Spiral Y-Anchors

Y-Anchors and Crook Anchors:

We manufacture a comprehensive range of refractory anchors for the cement, steel and petrochemical industry - for the retaining of castable and brick linings.

Y Anchors and Crook Anchors are offered for immediate dispatch. Various C Clips and Hangers for ceramic anchors to suit individual requirements.

  • 230 X 115 X 05 MM
  • 200 X 100 X 05 MM
  • 150 X 75 X 05 MM
  • 75 X 25 X 05 MM

Y-Anchors and Crook Anchors


We manufacture and export superior quality U-Anchors, these can be availed in various specifications like:

  • 55 X 16 X 05 MM
  • 225 X 27 X 05 MM
    Wing Nut Type




We are manufacturer & supplier of V-Anchor, to match all types of lining for cement, ceramic, steel, petrochemical, refinary industry for the retaining of monolithic, ceramic fiber and brick linings. Our anchors are suitable for single & dual layer lining, brick, ceramic, fiber and monolithic. All refractory anchor made from stainless steel [SS] 304, 310, Alloy 601- inconel and other heat resistant alloys. Specifications:

  • 55 X 15 X 05 MM



 Ceramic Anchors:

We offer a comprehensive range of Ceramic Anchors, which are widely used for various industrial applications like cement, steel and petrochemical industry - for the retaining of castable as well as brick linings. We make use of superior quality iron and other metals as per specifications laid by clients.


Ceramic Anchors

 Ceramic Tiles:

Bulk material movement, involving sliding, very often causes heavy wear of the equipment used, resulting in damage to equipment, lower reliability, production losses and lower capacity utilization.
Installation of ceramic liners is a solution, infact a necessity in today's competitive environment, where
equipment availability and low operating costs are essential.

MILTUF 90 Alumina liners have a high density of 3.5 gm/cc, high hardness for superior wear limiting capabilities, high resistance to temperature changes for more energy input and short grinding cycles and extremely fine micro structure for nil contamination of material being ground.

MILTUFF  90 Alumina Liners and Tiles come in two types:
1) Weldable Tiles: Tiles with a metal ferrule in a tapered hole for plug welding onto the base steel, and a ceramic cap to protect the ferrule.
2) Plain Tiles that can be pasted on the area to be lined, providing a smooth, hard and wear resistant surface. For complex profiles, we offer pre-engineered tiles for optimizing the lining life. CAD is used to ensure a good fit for the contours of the lining surface.
For non standard profiles and applications, we are willing to study your requirement in detail and offer you a custom designed product to improve your plant operation and solve your wear problems.

MILTUFF linings are ready to install, rugged, reliable and give trouble free life.
Our continuous efforts to improve our products enable us to handle profiles like square to round transitions, flow splitters and other surfaces that do not conform to regular geometric shapes systematically, resulting in very good product quality and repeatability.


Ceramic Tiles

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